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15 year old pupil shot dead by policeman


15 year old pupil shot dead by policeman

Rage and mobiliation all over the country for the cold blooded assassination by a firearm bullet in the stomach of the 15year old school boy, by a policeman, on Saturday 6th of Dec. 9 p.m.

This is the extreme expression of police brutality spreading in the last few years accross mobilisations of any description, of students, workers, migratns, peasants, women, antifascist, ecological movements.

As from Saturday night mobilisations spread all over the country, from Crete in the South to upper northern cities, especially aroung universities, attacking police stations and banks.

The Greek Social Forum participated massively in the Sunday midday demonstration in Athens, of about 20.000, called at a few hours notice by left wing organisations and parties, which was soaked in chemicals and teargas in quantities heavier than ever in the last few years. It also participated in all the cities in mobilisation.

School pupils have been demonstrating everywhere today Monday, in the centre of the cities and in neighbourhoods, mainly by encircling police stations and dropping books and pencils in a symbilic disobedience move against the repression forces.

A general closure of all grades of education for tomorrow, Tuesday, has been announced by pupils-students and trades unions and a big mobilisation.

At 6 o’clock today, Monday, the Greek Social Forum together with left wing organisations and parties organise a radical protest expected massive and disobedient. We opt for disobedience and not for indiscriminate smashing of property, as some antiauthoritarian forces do.

On Wednesday there is a general strike by the General Confederation of Labour, organised independently and before the assassination against the government policies, and the workers are called to take part in it massively, as well as in the rallies of the unions. The rallies will be followed by marches, despite the shameful announcement of the Trades Unions Leadership that they do not sanction marches for the fear of “trouble makers” and damage of property.

The government of austerity measures, of complicity in land development of huge proportions in collaboration with some Holy Mountain monasteries, of selling-off everyghing in the land (from ports and aircompanies to telecommunications and public education) must be overthrown by this huge movement of people’s rage.
Greek communities in Europe are carrying out activities of protest outside Greek consular authorities. We consider this movement in Greece to be a part of all European povements, thus we ask the comrades everywhere to find ways to allign their forces with us.

The Greek Social Forum

Monday 8-12-08


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