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In solidarity with Stanislav Markelov

We express our shock and indignation about the foul assassination of Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer and member of the movement Al'ternativy, on the streets of Moscow for the sole reason that he was about to give a press conference against neo-fascism in Russia. We alterglobalists in Germany, Europe and all over the world consider the fight against neo-fascism one of the main pillars and goals of all our social struggles - against war, against social and environmental devastation, in favour of progress in the developing countries, and for the victory and constant expansion of democracy. Our thoughts are with Stanislav Markelov, who bravely stood up against the fascist curse and fell victim to it, his family, friends and the movement Al'ternativy, together with whom we shall carry on the torch of the other, the human and social world, where such a crime would be unthinkable.

First Signatories:

Carla Krüger (Left Party and attac Berlin),

Mirek Prokěs (Initiative for Social Fora, Czechia),

Raffaela Bolini (Arci, Italia),

Pierre Rousset (Europe solidaire sans frontières, ESSF),

Matthias Reichl (press speaker, Begegnungszentrum für aktive Gewaltlosigkeit),

Olivia Hahn (Aktionswerkstatt Jena),

Mariangela Casalucci (Collettivo Bellaciao, Grecia),

Ewa Ziolkowska (president Attac Poland),

Didier Loufrani (Commission Europe d'Attac Toulouse),

Josu Egiren (ESK – Trade Union, Basque Country),

Yannis Almpanis (Network for Political and Social Rights, Greece),

Elisabeth Gauthier (Espaces Marx and Transform! Paris),

Hannelöre Tölke (German Peace Council),

Antoine Pécard (ATTAC Lille),

Vicki Morris (No Sweat and Alliance for Workers' Liberty),

Piran Azad activist, Berlin),

Dimitris Tsoukalas (Federation of Greek Bank Employees),

Emilia Tsira (Federation of Greek Bank Employees),

Marco Berlinguer (Transform Italia),

Maurice Combes (CEDETIM, IPAM, France),

Christine Buchholz (National Executive, DIE LINKE, Germany)

Henri Paraton (ATTAC Lyon),

Nikos Tavris (Greek Social Forum),

Alex Callinicos (Professor of European Studies, King's College, London)


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