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In a Referendum which took place on 12 June 2008, voters in the Republic of Ireland defeated the Lisbon Treaty, a clone of the European Union Constitutional Treaty. The No side won a decisive victory, with 862,415 votes (53.4%) for the No and 752,451 (46.6%) votes for the Yes out of the 1,621,037 people who voted (a turnout of 53.1%). In doing so, the Irish drew inspiration from the French and the Dutch votes against the European Constitutional Treaty, subsequently repackaged as the "Reform” or “Lisbon” Treaty".

However, the project has risen again to haunt us and it is now as if no votes had ever taken place—whether French, Dutch or Irish. The European Union, incapable of respecting its own rules, will not take “No” for an answer. In December 2008 the EU instructed the Dublin government to make the Irish vote again on the self-same text in another referendum, probably to be held in October 2009. The European Commission and EU member governments remain dedicated to implementing their neoliberal agenda, perfectly embodied in the Lisbon Treaty.

The Irish No vote of June 2008 was, in large part, a European battle on Irish soil. The Irish Constitution clearly states that the ratification of any European treaty must take place through a popular referendum, not merely parliamentary ratification, the method chosen by all other EU member-states to force through the Lisbon Treaty. The other European governments understood that, had their peoples been given an opportunity to vote, they too would have rejected the Treaty.

We, the undersigned European individuals and organisations, wish to express our solidarity with our Irish colleagues and comrades who are part of the broad coalition Campaign Against the European Union Constitution / Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty (CAEUC/VNLT) to which 14 organisations are affiliated. We share the same vision of a Europe where the economy works to serve the needs of ordinary citizens - not corporate power or military ambitions. We seek a peaceful, social, democratic, demilitarised and ecological Europe.

The Irish people are the last rampart against the ambitions of European elites to push through their anti-social, anti-democratic and anti-ecological agenda. We hereby pledge to work closely with our Irish friends of the CAEUC/ VNLT, both inside and outside Ireland, and we are confident that once more, with our help and support, they will defeat the Lisbon Treaty on behalf of us all.


Stay informed about the Irish campaign on and

The CAEUC/VNLT asks that our affiliated organisations and supporting groups in each European country open a bank account in the name of Irish Solidarity Campaign to which supporters in that country can contribute. The CAEUC will be in touch with the responsible person[s] in each European country.


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