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Report on the workshop Privattac at the %EAM at Paris X, Nanterre, 19 September 2009 [en]

There were present about two dozen persons from France, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany

On the morning of the 19, we heard a presentation on the effects of the crisis on privatization in Germany, as well as about privatization in Poland, first a general presentation, then on the special case of the media.

After lunch, we began by a general discussion of resistance against privatization in France by our colleague from CONVERGENCES, then we discussed the special case of the referendum from below against the privatization of the French postal services.

That was also our first report on other experiences from France, Germany (by our comrades of Rail for All on the privatization of Deutsche Bahn) and from Hungary among others.

Our colleague Vera Laska made the excellent point that we are always told that only 20 years passed since the Turn in Eastern Europe, that we need to be patient to harvest the wonderful fruits of capitalisme, but in fact this time is already very long in comparison to the duration of socialism in Eastern Europe which lasted only 40 years. We have the right to ask what the privatization craze has brought us.

Then we moved on to the discussion of the future strategy of our network:

1) as far as the internal organization of Privattac is concerned

* Don't hesitate to sign up to this mailing list and enlist your friends to it: for Germans and others who do not understand French very well, please write to the webmaster of attac France: who will certainly be able to help you,
* please participate in our alert system on privatization plans and resistance if any
* put texts on our website at (to be constructed),

2) Action at the local, regional and national level

* take part in the exchange of experience
* let us know the results of your efforts of resistance and popular education,
* Initiate action with your local, national and European deputies. For the Germans among you: the legislative elections at the Federal Parliament today offer an excellent occasion to send calls to the deputies who will be elected. Such an appeal was circulated during the session. Carla will let you know about the echo it had.

3) Action at the European level

* Those present were all agreed that the alert system needs to be extended to more countries and deepened,
* As far as our efforts of popular education are concerned, it will be necessary to better understand the effect that European directives (for instance on the postal service, on health, on bank statutes) have on our life in the regions and in our countries.
* We need to meet in flesh and blood. We won't be able to build an effective European network via e-mail and internet only. There are several dates to remember:

- Ewa offers to welcome us in Poland on occasion of the following meeting of attac international in January 2010. Does that offer still stand?

- There we could prepare a common workshop for the ESF at Ankara in June. The last preparations could be made during the first Polish social forum in May,

- Our Spanish friends propose to hold the next meeting of local and thematic networks in Barcelona (date still to be fixed), our friends from Thuringia say that after that it could again be the turn of Thuringia.

4) Other remarks

The network Privattac supports the struggle for the No to the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland, because the Lisbon Treaty risks to still aggravate the privatization phenomena in our regions and our countries and everywhere in the world. Carla and maybe others as well (?) will travel to Ireland to assist our Irish comrades in their struggle, as much against the Yes as against nationalisme chauvinism that manifests itself unfortunately on such occasions.

The Privattac network supports the efforts to spread the Plan P for a European constitution without any prior stipulation of an economic order. Michel Christian will keep us updated on the way we can assist the Lyon comrades.

Moreover, we would like to deepen the friendly cooperation with our brother network on employment in Europe managed by Aymard and Jan-Max.

Thanks for spreading this message as far as possible!

Berlin, 27 September 2009


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