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12 December - Kopenhaga [en]

December 12 2009 – highlights from today’s NGO events

10:00-11:30. On Halmtorvet in Vesterbro more than 4,000 people will turn up dressed in blue clothes, and together they will form a human tidal wave that ends at Christiansborg Palace Square at 11.30 am. At Christiansborg, the blue crowd are “flooding the space” in a happening that screams for climate justice. Later the wave will continue to the Bella Center. It is the organization NOAH that is behind this event
Jeppe Lund + 45 26 23 94 83

10:15-11:00 The opening ceremony will begin with speeches from representatives of indigenous peoples at the National Museum of "The Indigenous Peoples Day" in which a diversity of participants from the world's minority groups will discuss the political case for minority groups. Besides the exhibition, there is dance and film. Sille Stidsen +45 30 24 90 21,

12:00-21:00 People Climate kitchen at Ingerslev street in Vesterbro 44 serves three dishes for a simple 50er. Copenhagen House of Food is creating fantastic meals to put focus on organic farming.
Trine Krebs +45 26 71 32 54

12:30-12:55 Meadow of Peace in Christiania is the venue of the day’s funeral. Today the television will be buried. The funeral will be conducted by artist Dorte la Cour Today. Britta Lillesøe +45 20 64 08 34,

13:00-16:30 The large demonstration "The earth first - people first" begins at Christiansborg Castle Square at 13 pm. There are more than 15,000 subscribers and depending on weather, the 12th group of December expect between 5000 and 20,000 extra. There are speeches and music with among others Helena Christensen, Angelique Kidjo, Thure Lindhardt, Sovndal and Mary Robinson. More than a dozen big-meter sails decorated with climate messages will be borne 6 km from Bella Center to Christiansborg Palace where they will be handed over to the UN climate chief Yvo de Boer, and other delegates at 18:05. Knud Vilby +45 60 73 22 43 20december%

14:00-18:00 On the Town Hall Square you can experience lovely chill out music when Stella Polaris plays chill-out music after the big demonstration. Stella Polaris plays slow and relaxing electronic music at this one-day festival, which originally began in Aarhus 12 years ago. Thomas Bailey + 45 26 82 92 58

16:00-18:00 The moral and the ethical dimension of climate change will be discussed by representatives of the Baha'i international community and "Medical Mission Sisters" and professor Donald Brown, the American Penn University. It takes place at the brown room in Climate Forum in DGI-byen. Niels Fastrup Mobile: +45 51 92 00 03 www.klimaforum09

16:30-17:30 There is a large-scale candle-light vigil after the big demonstration, where all demonstrators will light a candle at the Bella Center. The event takes place all over the world and will mark solidarity with the people who are already experiencing climate change.
Amrekha Sharm +45 526 507 56

18:00-20:00 Helena Christensen opens the photo exhibition "The Human Impact Photo Exhibition" at Restaurant Nimb just opposite the entrance to Copenhagen Central Station by Bernstorffsgade. Kezia Anin-Addo

20:00-24:00 Put on your dance shoes and have a dance to bands like Electro Juice, Mike Sheridan and Vinnie Who in the Town Square Hall. It is HopenhagenLive who are behind, and P3s Lee Gammeltoft is hosting the festival. Thomas Bailey + 45 26 82 92 58

23.00-24.00 Vesterbros town church are coordinating a Lucia procession which departs from Gasværksvej and Halmtorvet. The route goes past the Brown Meat City and St. Mary's Church in Istedgade, and Lucia procession marks the hope for better and brighter time for the planet.
Jens Rasmussen Høgsholt + 45 33 55 07 09

This top ten made by People's Climate Action - more info and registration please mail to:


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