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Tobin Tax in Poland [en]

On September 7th, 2010, the All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ), Poland's second-largest national trade union center, declared its support for the introduction of the Tobin Tax. The press release

"In response to the economic crisis, the OPZZ supports the introduction of a tax on financial transactions in order to limit financial speculation and fairly distribute responsibility for the social and economic harm suffered by Europe and the rest of the

This statement is followed by a sharp indictment of speculation and unchecked financial markets as being responsible for the crisis, having no social benefit whatsoever, destabilizing the markets in the
"real" economy, and drawing financial capital away from it. The OPPZ, echoing sentiments expressed by groups such as ATTAC, suggests that the tax would both help mold the behaviour of investors to ensure more stable growth and provide states with revenue that could be used to help ailing budgets and soften the social impact of the current crisis.

The press release concludes with the statement that OPZZ's stance on this issue matches that of the international trade union movement.


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