Invitation to participate in European Social Forum 2008

This invitation is sent to 5 000 organisations that have organised seminars at earlier European Social Forums in Florence 2002, Paris 2003, London 2004 or Athens 2006 and other movements in all of Europe.

The 5th ESF will this year take place in Malmö in the South of Sweden 17th to 21st of September. The main theme of the ESF-5 is: "Making another Europe possible! - East and West together, building alliances for struggles and alternatives." By placing ESF in the North of Europe new organisations are getting actively involved in the ESF-process. Practically responsible for organising ESF is for the first time an international committee of all kind of movements with 100 organisations from both Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Many attempts are now on the way to renew the ESF process by strengthening participation from more countries and especially Central- and Eastern Europe, youth participation and a wider range of movements who have been little or not at all active in the ESF-process before.

We hope you want to participate in this effort to give new strength to ESF. We hope you will:

1. Inform your members about ESF-5 and how they can participate. Please spread information about our web-site www.esf2008.org, copy our information leaflet or order and spread our poster or spread information on ESF-5 by other means that you have at your disposal.

2. If possible take contact with sister organisations internationally or organisations in your own country to see if you can cooperate to contribute to the programme or inform about ESF and organise joint transport. If there is no mobilisation committee in your country or region, please feel free to start one and inform us so we can keep in contact. For questions ask the Contact group for Europe and the World: tord.bjork@mjv.se, joel.borgstrom@gmail.com

3. Help us find the 600 voluntary interpreters for ESF-5 by asking in your organisations if there are persons interested. Both professionals and non professionals are welcome. Low cost accommodation, travel and food will be for free. To apply, register into Babels network www.babels.org and join the Malmö ESF list. If you have further questions please contact Sophie Sermage, sophie.sermage@esf2008.org, +46 (0)709-346 921.

4. Contribute to the Solidarity fund. To make All-European cooperation and another Europe possible it is necessary with a strong participation at ESF by people from Central and Eastern Europe. To support their participation a Solidarity fund has been set up. Please contribute small or bigger sums and help us fund-raising by applying for money from funds.

IBAN: SE76 9500 0099 6042 0453 4939


Everyone can show her or his support for CEE participation by buying ESF Solidarity fund pins at the cost of 1 euro each. Order in larger quantatities from the Nordic Organizing Committee. For fund-raising questions, contact Francisco Contreras, francisco.contreras@esf2008.org. +46 (0)709-346 923

5. Submit proposals for seminars and program activities. The ESF program is build by its participating organisations! You find the registration form at www.esf2008.org/registrations and all the necessary information about how the program is build and how to submit proposals at www.esf2008.org/program. Please note that the dead-line is 31st of May! To discuss with possible cooperation partners you can also use the website www.openesf.org. For further information and questions please feel free to contact the program group of the Nordic organizing committee: program@esf2008.org

6. Follow the process at the web site www.fse-esf.org where you can find general information on all European Social Forums and the European Preparatory Assemblies, EPA. Next EPA will take place in Kiev 7-8.6 this year. Next World Social Forum will take place in Belem in Amazonia 2009. Next ESF 2010 will take place in Istanbul in Turkey.

7. Start mobilising now using all occasions to spread the message that ESF will be a meeting place for all movements in Europe that sees the need of renewal of politics and popular movement cooperation. Especially youth movements are mobilising to make actions and take part in the discussions at ESF. Among organisations initiating youth camps and delegations are European Trade Union Confederation, the peasant organisation Via campesina, Friends of the Earth Europe Youth, radical pacifists and anticapitalists. Young people from all kinds of movements are especially welcome.

Nordic Organizing Committee:
Email: info@esf2008.org
Urladdress: www.esf2008.org
Tel: +46 (0)709-346 920
Postal address: c/o Kvarnby Folkhögskola
Industrigatan 4
212 14 Malmö

Föreningen ESF Norden 2008
0709-346 920

c/o Kvarnby Folkhögskola
Industrigatan 4
212 14 Malmö


Föreningen ESF Norden 2008
0709-346 920

c/o Kvarnby Folkhögskola
Industrigatan 4
212 14 Malmö


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