European program group meeting, Kiev (ESF)

Merging Committees meeting

June 5th 10.00 – 12.30, meet at Trade Union House

Working in the respective merging groups.

Program Group Meeting

June 5, 13.00 - 20.00, Trade Union House

Proposed schedule:
1. Reports from pre-merging committees
2. Discussion on timeline and guidelines for the final merging process, including responsibilities for the NOC, the European program group and the pre-merging committees
3. Practical merging work

Proposed Timeline for Merging Process
Now - June 5
Self-merging and work by pre-merging committees

June 2
Reports from pre-merging committees for Kiev meeting, send reports to NOC program group and European program group list

June 5
Deadline for program proposals

June 5
European program group meeting in Kiev, first merging proposal by European program group

June 6-8
EPA in Kiev, discussion about program, merging proposal and final merging process

June 5 – June 30
Final merging process

June 14-15
NOC program group working weekend. Work on merging

June 30
Merging process finished. Last day for payments for program activities

July 10
Last day for submitting texts for printed program

July 31
Program printed

Thematic pre-merging committees
The pre-merging committees’ responsibility is to facilitate merging under each theme, and to find missing members for their group. The pre-merging groups consist of representatives from the NOC, the European program group and existing European networks. It is the responsibility of the pre-merging committees to find the necessary three (or more) delegates per committee. Updates on registered proposals sorted by themes will be sent to the pre-merging committees by the NOC. Reports from the pre-merging committees should be prepared to the European program group meeting in Kiev.

1. Working for social inclusion and social rights – welfare, public services and common goods for all
Nordic: Jens Ergon, Attac Sweden / Nätverket för Gemensam Välfärd
Network: Nicolas Galepides, European Public Services Network

2. Working for a sustainable world, food sovereignity, environmental and climate justice
Nordic: Niels-Johan Juhl-Nielsen, Denmark Social Forum
European: Alexandra Strickner, Attac Austria / Seattle to Brussels Network
Network: Morgan Ody, Via Campesina
Susann Scherbarth, Friends of the Earth Europe

3. Building a democratic and rights based Europe, against ”securitarian” policies. For participation, openness, equality, freedom and minority rights
European: Pierre Barge, AEDH-LDH
Network: Franco Russo, Charter of Principles for Another Europe

4. Working for equality and rights, acknowledging diversities, against all forms of discrimination. For feminist alternatives against patriarchy
Nordic: Maria Hagberg, European Feminist Initiative
European: Yildis Önen, Global Peace and Justice Coalition
Network: Elettra Eughelines, Cobas

5. Building a Europe for a world of justice, peace and solidarity – against war, militarism and occupations
Nordic: Ansa Eneroth, WILPF/IKFF
Network: Seattle to Brussels Network (someone from)

6. Building labour strategies for decent work and dignity for all – against precarity and exploitation
Nordic: Anna Hellström, Transport Workers Union
European: Hugo Braun, German Social Forum
Network: Alessandra Mecozzi, FIOM-Cgil
Anniek De Ruyver, ACV-CSC
Jean-Michel Joubier, CGT France

7. Economic alternatives based on peoples needs and rights, for economic and social justice
Nordic: Sara Andersson, Attac Sweden
European: Judith Dellheim, Berlin Social Forum

8. Democratizing knowledge, culture, education information and mass media
Nordic: Ola Nilsson, Swedish-Cuban association
European: Piero Bernocchi, Cobas
Network: Dominique (?)

9. Working for a Europe of inclusiveness and equality for refugees and migrants – fighting against all forms of racism and discrimination
Nordic: Azril Bacal, Uppsala Social Forum
Network: Yannis Almpanis, Greek Social Forum

10. Others and/or Cross-thematic
Nordic: Ellie Cijvat
European: Sophie Zafari, FSU
Network: Raffaella Bolini

Guidelines for merging process

-> Focus on self-merging in the beginning. As registration of proposals is not finished until May 31 the pre-merging until then can only be preliminary and with focus on self-merging.

-> The final goal is equal division between the nine themes (around 20 activities per theme) as well as some space (also around 20 activities) for cross-thematic proposals and proposals outside the themes (listed as the 10th theme).

-> Cooperation is encouraged. Organizations not wishing to cooperate with others can only get access to the smallest rooms, and will not be provided with translation.

-> There is a maximum number of three activities per organization (as main organizer).

-> Encourage program proposals aimed at achieving alliance building, common strategies, mobilizations and actions. The ambition is a program where a clear majority of the program activities have this aim, directly or partly.

-> Encourage participatory program activities. By experience this means for example avoiding big plenaries (maximum 5 speakers) instead trying to focus on or complement bigger events with participatory workshops and discussions in smaller groups.

-> Encourage series of workshops or other activities rather than just singular events.

-> Encourage program proposers to commit themselves to ensure diversity when it comes to speakers and other visible roles. This means to include different points of views in panels etcetera to diversify the debate by gender, age, geographical and cultural backgrounds, different abilities and so on.

-> Give priority to proposals where there is a commitment to balance women and men. For bigger ESF-events such as assemblies there will be a quota rule. At least 50 percent women have to be in panels and other visible roles for such events.

-> Specially encourage inclusion of perspectives, participants and program proposals from Central and Eastern Europe, resource poor sectors and marginalized groups.


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