Tax Justice Focus
The latest edition of Tax Justice Focus is now available. Please find the active link here: http://taxjustice.blogspot.com From the...

Attac Action plan for the closure of tax havens
Ever since the time of the League of Nations there have been international discussions about the problem of tax havens. Because of the politically...

The new Reform Treaty –The culmination of 50 years of the Europe of capital
Rome, 1957-Lisbon, 2007: From the EEC to the “superpower” EU The new Reform Treaty –The culmination of 50 years of the Europe...

The EU Reform Treaty
Militarisation through the back-door: Stop! The EU Reform Treaty No to the EU Constitutional/Refo Treaty! No to the militarisation of...

Congrès de Versailles
Attac condamne le passage en force du traité de Lisbonne approuvé aujourd'hui par les parlementaires Les parlementaires viennent...

Is what is good for "sealing" Doha talks good for the trading system?
TWN Info Service on WTO and Trade Issues (Jan08/06) 31 January 2008 Third World Network www.twnside.org.sg -------- Geneva, 28 Jan...

Tax Justice Focus
From the Editor January 14th, 2008 The Islands Edition - www.taxjustice.net The fourth quarter 2007 edition of Tax Justice Focus (TJF) is a...

Europe’s Winemakers Need Your Help
Wine is synonymous with Europe, and Europe is synonymous with wine. Europeans have been making wine for 6,500 years, and today the EU's 2.4 million...

Deceptive development cooperation
Lou Keune and Francine Mestrum In most Western-European countries, feelings about development cooperation are rather strong. Heads of government...

The Post-Washington Dissensus: The Unraveling of a Development Doctrine
by Walden Bello* (From Focus on the Global South and Foreign Policy in Focus [FPIF], Sept. 24, 2007) Development circles were not...

EU Reform Treaty
EU Reform Treaty: Unacceptable on account of its method and its content! Pierre Khalfa - August 2007 Several hundred pages with 297...

La collaboration d’ATTAC Pologne avec les mouvements sociaux
Depuis sa fondation, voici 6 ans, ATTAC Pologne a collaboré avec d’autres associations d’ATTAC en Europe. Nous sommes une petite...

Faut-il une constitution européenne ?
Pierre Khalfa, secrétaire national de l’Union syndicale Solidaires, membre du Conseil scientifique d’Attac-France Le projet de traité...

Is there a need for a European Constitution?
Pierre Khalfa, national secretary of Group of 10 (Union syndicale Solidaires), and member of the Scientific Council of Attac-France The project...

Historischer Sieg der schottischen Separatisten
Von Philippe Marlière, Mouvements.info, 15. Mai 2007 Artikel aus der Zeitschrift Mouvements.info...

From one presidential election to another
From one presidential election to another Scapegoats, the Bosphorus and the river Maroni About France, Turkey and doubtless about the...

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